April 30, 2017

Trump Press Secretary Spicer Educates Fake-News ABC – Distortions Won’t Work

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The Hillary Clinton – Hussein Obama mainstream fake news propagandists at ABC “News” invited Sean Spicer, Press Secretary for President-elect Donald Trump onto “This Week” in an attempt to twist the positions of Mr. Trump into something they’re not, particularly as it relates to Russia.

Jonathan Karl starts by asking if President-elect Trump agrees with the Obama sanctions or disagrees. Spicer notes that Mr. Trump will be sitting down with the intelligence community next week and will make a determination following that as to the appropriateness of the Obama actions. He says they do have questions as to the timing and the gravity of Obama’s actions and whether they were proportional.

Spicer points out that in 2015, China stole over a million records of people such as himself who had worked in the federal government and there wasn’t even a White House statement issued. Of course Obama needed China’s help at the time to get his climate hoax deal through the UN and subsequently for his fake self-ratification so maybe he is once again practicing his selective outrage. He questions whether this was a political retribution, not for the taking of American information, which Obama seems to be okay with, but of potentially taking information from his party, or worse, creating the illusion that information was taken in order to cover for public revelations and overall sloppiness on the part of Hillary Clinton with any information that she comes into contact with.

Karl tries to piggy-back on RINOs in Congress, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the like, attempting to portray Mr. Trump as being out of step with the establishment, as if not mindlessly following the money worshiping war mongers in this regard is a bad thing.

Fake News Karl tries again, phrasing his questioning of whether Trump agrees with the mantra of the Clinton campaign as whether President-elect Trump now accepts “the fact” that Russia hacked the American electoral computers. When did those claims, still unsupported by a weak joint document contrived by the highly political and anti-American in its current configuration DHS and the equally suspect FBI under James Comey, suddenly morph into facts, Karl? They’re still largely just unsubstantiated assertions, something that a host of a major fake-news program should be aware of.

Spicer ate Karl up including on the subject of how the media will be handled in the future by the Trump administration. He noted that the fact that Mr. Trump has direct access to the American people “freaks the mainstream media out” and goes on to elaborate. Karl has his dismissive little condescending smile on his face, which will soon be gone as his inflated importance fades with it.

Spicer says “there’s a new sheriff in town.” Some smart aleck fake-news propagandists take more convincing than others. Some “fancy shootin” like what Spicer delivered is going to make the likes of Karl much less willing to walk out into the street at high noon. He’s serious, things are about to change, big time for the smirking crooked propagandists in the MSM. It’s going to be fun to watch.

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