May 28, 2017

Spicer Refuses To Answer Question About Deportation Policy – Who’s It Going To Upset?

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked for clarification on President Trump’s policy on the deportations of illegal aliens who are in the United States, who have not committed other crimes aside from those they commit everyday by their illegal presence. She might have been including those who also engage in identity fraud and theft on a daily basis by working with stolen or forged documents, but we’ll never know and it doesn’t matter. Spicer refused to answer the question.

She makes a point of telling him that she’s “not speaking specifically about this [Montes DACA] case, because I understand you’re referring over to DHS, but there seems to be a little confusion, so if you can clarify. What is the President’s position on undocumented immigrants [illegals] living in this country who have not committed serious crimes?”

She put a lot of effort into clarifying her question, surely there’s no way Spicer can be confused or dance around giving her a straight answer. He says, “I think the President’s priorities on immigration have been very clearly laid out.” That might be truly what Spicer thinks, but for the rest of us who are a little confused, like the questioner, it’s going to be good to understand what  his intentions and positions are.

Spicer continues, “First and foremost he wants to make sure that people who have committed a crime or pose a threat to public safety are dealt with first and foremost and that we continue to address immigration going forward.” That wasn’t what she asked. Spicer knows she excluded those people from her question, so he’s obviously stalling and diverting, in an effort to not answer. Continue to address immigration going forward could mean anything and therefore means absolutely nothing.

She tries again, asking, “I guess my question is those who have not posed a threat and are not perceived as posing a threat.” Spicer continues to restate the months old revised talking points that have shifted from the promises made during the initial months of the campaign, the positions that set Trump apart from the rest of the field.

She shifts from the initial premise of her question, saying, “This case is about people who have not posed a threat,” so it appears Spicer was correct to suspect a trap and that she may have been trying to get some ammo.

Clearly Spicer isn’t going to address the topic, due to the political heat it would create. The question is, if it were to be honestly answered, who would be angered and from whose direction would the heat be being generated? Will they be further distancing the already opposition open borders left by honoring campaign promises to illegals them back where they came from? Does he remember hearing something about “if we don’t have borders we don’ t have a country?”

Will the administration instead be angering and betraying those who supported President Trump throughout the campaign, who believed that he meant what he said, that the illegals would be sent back to where they belong?

For a reason that is still yet to be determined, we’re not being provided with that answer. It was an answer the President was more than willing to provide while still campaigning.

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