May 28, 2017

DOJ Civil Rights Investigation Needed – Berkeley Police Did Nothing, Ran Away, Gave Leftists Free Rein

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The mission statement of the City of Berkeley, California begins with an assertion of liberal drivel, stating, ” In partnership with a culturally diverse community, the Berkeley Police Department is committed to the effective suppression of crime and drug related activity, and to providing a safe and secure environment through vigorous law enforcement. The Department will strive to identify and solve problems that threaten the quality of life in our community.”

First of all, what bearing does the makeup of the community have on their mission? It should be a non-factor, you police and protect the community, regardless of who lies within its boundaries, no excuses and no preconditions. How sitting in your patrol car and watching leftist thugs beat the daylights out of people because your mayor doesn’t agree with their politics is effective suppression or a safe and secure environment defies logic. They are facilitating violence as political tools of the Democrats, ensuring the well-being only of the globalist radicals for whom they provide a safe-zone of operations.

If they truly want to identify and solve the problems, they need to look in the mirror, and at interim Police Chief Andrew Greenwood and Democrat Mayor Jesse Arreguin. It appears that gang violence and political mob thuggery is acceptable and even desirable in their fair city, provided the right people are ending up in the hospital.

Even the liberal rag Mother Jones had a reporter who noticed the non-presence of the police, approaching three officers who were remaining at their vehicle, ignoring and allowing the assaults and violence to take place. The officer in the driver seat doesn’t seem too pleased about the orders to hang back, suggesting that the reporter ask the chief.

The standing officer, Officer Shannon, is a bit of a smarty pants, tough guy who rudely tells the reporter to go ask the public information officer. Maybe he’s a bit sensitive about being exposed as letting people get the hell beat out of them while he stands around flapping his worthless gums.

In case these pathetic “public servants” haven’t figured it out yet, the bad guys are the ones hiding their faces, dressed in black and on the attack, the ones throwing explosives, pepper spraying, sucker-punching, using blunt objects and rocks, the ones attacking individuals in groups because they’re immoral cowards – the ones you are aiding and abetting.

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange also recorded the police standing around, dressed for action and doing absolutely nothing. How about a civil rights investigation into these thugs, the Soros Obama affiliation, and money behind them, Attorney General Sessions? The DOJ encouraged this type of thuggery under your predecessor but we understand that you’re the real deal, that there’s a new sheriff in town. We’d appreciate a demonstration, you’ve got a Civil Rights division that needs to actually earn their money for a change, why not put them on this? It’s just as bad as anything from the south in the 60s.

Or do Civil Rights only apply to black people being beaten up, with white, patriotic Americans, as usual, being fair game?

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