May 28, 2017

Dobbs, Judicial Watch – Carter Page Is 2nd Confirmation Obama Targeted Political Opponents

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Lou Dobbs isn’t sure whether to call it the Susan Rice scandal or perhaps the unmasking scandal, as there may well be many more participants that simply the former National Security Adviser.  Whatever the name will eventually be up being, Dobbs invites Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell in to talk about it.

Dobbs finds it remarkable that “Carter Page, the former unpaid, part-time adviser to a part of the Trump campaign – he calls everything, basically, that’s been said about him propaganda. What are we dealing with here?”

Farrell says, “It’s a train wreck. One thing I think is the most important takeaway is you now have double confirmation that the Obama administration was conducting political espionage using signals intelligence platforms against Trump and Trump associates. And so you have Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn and now you have Carter Page, and you have the Washington Post writing up an article that, to me, was a big nothing burger. There was no great, stunning revelation in the article at all.”

He continues, “Other than the fact that they sure as hell were going after Carter Page and they were generating FISA warrants and doing signals intelligence against him and General Flynn. So, it seems that there’s now double confirmation that there was surveillance of Trump and his associates. Pretty tough to get away from that.”

Dobb responds, “Yeah, double, triple, I don’t know what the number is now. We’ve got every news organization amongst the five fake news organizations the president styled them as reporting on this. And the Senate Intelligence committee, the House Intelligence committee both are now expanding their investigations, they say, to see what is going on and it looks like they’re committed to getting to the bottom of this. I just wish we all knew what ‘this’ was.”

Farrell says, “In my opinion, from what I’ve been able to discern, this is a domestic political intelligence operation run out of the Susan Rice sort of circle around ‘president’ Obama. And there is obviously multiple cases of Americans being targeted and unmasked unlawfully. This is very, very damaging,” he notes, and “an excruciatingly slow process to get to the bottom of this.’

Asked why it’s going to be so slow, Farrell replies, “Because all the wagons are going to be circled. Nobody in the intelligence community is going to step up and tell the truth on this one unless they’re compelled either by a grand jury or by threat of prosecution. And so everyone’s going to play ostrich, they’re all going to run and hide.”

Dobbs says, “Well, threat hell, if these two committees go after them, and the FBI, they wouldn’t be likely to be talking about threats, they’d mean it, would they not?” Farrell replies, “Well, I have far greater confidence in a grand jury than in Congressional committees. I want to see criminal prosecutions on this. I don’t want to see Senators and Congressmen doing ten second sound bites. I want prosecutions.”

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