May 27, 2017

Dobbs – Communism Next For Left Shifting Democrats – Almost There Now

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on a “demoralized Democrat Party in crisis, the left yet again forced to recognize that “Resist Trump” is something of a lousy, loser’s strategy. A headline in Politico today succinctly described what passes for introspection on the part of the left, saying, ‘Democrats being  to wonder: When do we win?’ Dems last week failed to capture the Kansas House seat left vacant by now CIA Director Mike Pompeo.”

“The Democrats also face uphill battles,” says Dobbs, “in special elections in Montana and South Carolina, they’re not expected to win either, those states Trump won by double digits. In 2018 Democrats need to net 24 seats to regain the majority in the House, uphill work. Democrats unseated only four of the 15 freshman Republican representatives they targeted in 2016.”

Dobbs observes, “Dem obstructionism is proving to be a destructive strategy in the Senate as well. New polling shows seven Democrat Senators up for reelection next year all with approval ratings under fifty percent.”

“But the Democrat Party,” Dobbs notes, lacking any viable plan for 2018, remains blindly subservient to its far-left elements.” He notes the new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, was “booed and jeered this week by Democrats as he tried to kick off a so-called “unity” tour; it didn’t go well.”

Dobbs says, “And if Perez isn’t far enough left for the Democrat Party, will the Dems be forced to look to the Communist Manifesto for their inspiration? Perhaps, especially when you consider the Dems’ other headliner for the unity tour is none other than Senator Bernie Sanders. “

“Sanders, the socialist,” Dobbs maintains, “may have to sidestep to the left of his party as well. Socialists sliding to the left and to the left, well, all that remains there is communism. A lousy idea, a worse strategy, the Dems look like losers who will be losers for a very long time to come – lousy for them.

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