May 28, 2017

Cruz Defends Trump On Spying Claims – Obama Targeted Political Enemies Before

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Ted Cruz appeared on Face The Nation with the discussion related to three topics. He’s first asked about President Trump’s reassertion on Friday that Hussein Obama wiretapped him during the campaign and after.  Host John Dickerson says, “Intelligence officials, Republicans in the Senate and the House have said this didn’t happen. Should the President drop this?”

Cruz replies that they are serious allegations that need to be looked into seriously. He says, “You’ve got open investigations in both the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, you’ve got next week, FBI Director Comey is testifying, we need to find out what the facts are. We do know or at least it’s been publicly reported that there were two FISA applications for some form of surveillance or wiretaps, one of which was turned down by the FISA court of the Obama administration, one of which was granted. I think it’s important to learn a little more detail as to what was contained in those FISA applications and I think the investigations will bring that out.”

Dickerson references the question that Trump raised in the campaign about Cruz’s father’s links to the assassination of JFK and, exhibiting both leftist bias and his lack of knowledge about Rafael Cruz, says, “There seems to be as much evidence for that as there is for this wiretapping claim. Can people trust this President.” The question should be can people trust propagandist Dickerson or CBS, but Cruz responds to the question he is asked.

Cruz says, ‘Well listen, I don’t know what basis the President has for these allegations. They’re serious allegations, he is now the President of the United States. The Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, they all report to him. And we should examine what the evidence is. I think it would be quite good for the administration to put forward what evidence there is.”

Cruz the delivers a bull’s-eye strike to the propagandists saying, “You know, I will point out this is not necessarily as outlandish as everyone in the press suggests. We do know that the Obama administration targeted their political enemies. We do know that the IRS, for example, targeted citizens groups who spoke out in defense of the Constitution, who spoke out against Obama. And so the notion is not necessarily outlandish but it’s serious, so it needs to be based on facts. We should see what the facts are behind this.”

“But, but,” says Dickerson, “that equivalency, I mean in this case he’s saying the ‘president’ of the United States wiretapped him specifically. That is of an order different isn’t it?” John Dickerson apparently has no problem with the IRS being a political hammer for the Obama regime, but can’t imagine that the order to engage in such thuggish abuse of power can be attributed to the mobster sitting at the top, with his feet on the desk in the White House. Is he so naive to think that an underling did that without Obama knowing about it and was then protected and all of the subsequent destruction of evidence occurred without the pretend ‘president’s’ authorization or knowledge?”

Cruz answers I think we should see the evidence behind it. The FISA applications, though, are significant or at least they could be. I mean they’ve been reported publicly in the media. You know it’s not often that the FISA court turns down an application. They usually grant those applications, that suggests that the application was probably overly broad. It’s worth looking at, was there a fishing expedition that the Obama administration was trying to do or not.”

Clearly the animosity between Senator Cruz and President Trump has been put behind them as he honestly presented strong arguments on the President’s behalf. They then move on to health care and Senator Cruz’s efforts in that regard and his pessimistic view of the future of the Ryan plan as it stands.

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