May 28, 2017

Boykin – China Will Take Care Of Kim Jong-Un – His Future Not As N Korean Leader

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Lt Gen Jerry Boykin believes that the dropping of the GBU-43 in Afghanistan, while serving the purpose of killing ISIS bad guys, was really intended to deliver a message to  Iran, North Korea and China. He says, ‘Because their nuclear facilities are in deep underground bunkers and tunnels, and that’s what the target in Afghanistan was.

Charles Payne asks him what happens if, in the next 24 hours, a nuclear device is exploded by North Korea. Boykin calls that a good question, saying, “I think we’re as close to a wartime scenario on the Korean Peninsula as we’ve been in my lifetime, since the Korean War, certainly. But what happens? I think this is going to be defused.”

“I think,” says Boykin, “China is working very hard, and look, give President Trump credit, you know, with what he did in Syria and at the very same time he was talking to the president of China, I think the President got the message. I think they still haven’t figured Donald Trump out. They’re not sure what he’s going to do, so I think China is going to continue working. China’s been very active in trying to defuse this situation and I think the South Koreans are appealing to the Trump administration to move with great caution.”

Boykin notes, “We’ve given them sophisticated air defense and we’ve got our naval task force off the coast now, so, I think we’re ready to launch a preemptive strike but I don’t think it’s going to come to that.” He believes President Trump has demonstrated he’s ready to act  but that he doesn’t want to be forced to do so and the Chinese are taking this situation very seriously. “Ultimately I think they will be the ones that will bring this to a conclusion short of war.”

Payne asks about the “perhaps insane leader of North Korea,” with Boykin observing, “Well, he is very unstable, we all know that. I mean this is a guy that’s killed his own family and he is very unstable. That’s why I think that China will in fact prevail in this thing.”

Boykin says, “But ultimately I think China is going to make sure that Kim Jong-un’s future is not as the president of North Korea. I think they’re going to remove him, one way or the other and you’re going to see somebody that is more stable put in there, because the last thing the Chinese want is two million refugees pouring across their border, or more American military forces on the Korean Peninsula. China has a huge interest.”

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