May 29, 2017

AG Jeff Sessions – Declares Trump Era Of Border Enforcement In Nogales Speech To CBP

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the new Trump era of border enforcement has officially begun in a speech and memorandum he delivered on Tuesday during a visit to the border at Nogales, AZ. He spoke to a gathering of Customs and Border Protection personnel, declaring “For those that continue to seek improper and illegal entry into this country, be forewarned: This is a new era. This is the Trump era,” assuring them, “We hear you and we have your back!”

In addition to the addition of a minimum of 125 immigration judges to speed processing and the placement of 25 detention center judges which has already taken place, AG Sessions laid out other key changes in the way border enforcement will be conducted in the future, one being that it will actually and seriously be conducted.

He announced updated guidelines for charging defendants, which included prioritizing the smugglers caught transporting three or more persons or where other serious violent, crimes are also involved. Many repeat offender illegals who have previously been convicted of “improper entry” will be prosecuted for felonies. A criminal history with the United States will also be considered an aggravating circumstance as will immigration sham marriages.

Gang affiliation is considered a high priority for prosecution and removal, and the possession of counterfeit documents will now also be treated seriously by the Trump administration. Stricter enforcement and charging guidelines were announced for individuals assaulting, resisting or otherwise impeding Border agents from carrying out their duties.

His memorandum also established the positions of Border Security Coordinators as liaisons and to oversee the implementation of the policy changes and directives. The Attorney General included in his remarks a proclamation that “The catch and release practices of old are over.”

Those were the words they been waiting to hear. After eight years of a downward spiral towards anarchy and non-existent borders under Obama, they’re going back to work protecting America.

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