May 28, 2017

After N Korea Tensions, Lindsey Graham Now Number One Trump Fan In America

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Maria Bartiromo had Senator Lindsey Graham on her program, who was not shy in expressing his overwhelming approval of the actions of President Trump, particularly as they pertain to North Korea. She starts off by playing a clip of VP Pence speaking at the DMZ in Korea, promising that not only is the shield in place standing guard, but the sword stands at the ready.

Asked for his thoughts, Graham replies, “I’m the happiest dude in America. In 80 days Trump has reset the world and undone a lot of the damage it took Obama 8 years to do. To have the Vice President of the United States go to the DMZ and look the border and tell Kim Jong-Ill [sic] , the nut job, ‘We’re not going to let you get a missile to deliver a nuclear weapon to the American homeland.’ We don’t want a war but for twenty years Republicans and Democrats have got it wrong on North Korea.”

Graham points out, “Twenty years ago they didn’t have a nuclear program. Today they’ve got about twenty nuclear weapons, they could make  seven to ten this year. The one thing they have not been able to do is develop a missile to hit the American homeland. And I’ll make a prediction, that Donald Trump will never allow that to happen. And they’re two or three years at the most, away from that technology being mature.”

He cautions, “So if I were China I would listen to Trump. I would tell the puppet, your puppet in North Korea, ‘Stop trying to reach America with a missile with a nuclear weapon on top of it cause Donald Trump’s going to hit you if you keep trying.’ I think China could change North Korea’s behavior, but they’ve never believed in China that any American president would use military force. If they don’t believe it about Trump, they’re crazy.

He points to the message sent by Syria, his willingness to put more troops into Afghanistan and a letter to Iran as proof that President Trump means business and will back up his talk with action.

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